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A Short Guide to Crystals for Self Love

A modern world can be tough on pagans, wiccans, and witches. From the isolation to the general bad vibes, over time these things can wear you down. It’s important to surround yourself with things that will help restore your energy.

In this article, I’ll give a quick overview of five crystals to help promote self love, so you can restore your energy in these tough times. Whether you’re new to crystals or a long time spiritual soul, it’s always great to have a little extra self love to help your magic shine.

Five Crystals For Self Love:

Rose Quartz: love and happiness

Nothing says love like the adorably pastel pink Rose Quartz. Sometimes you can even find this crystal in the shape of a little heart! While it’s normally known for romantic love, it can also help with love for the self. After all, you can’t give love to others without loving yourself too.

Carnelian: individuality and self esteem

Known for its fiery and swirling red colors, Carnelian can help with individuality and self esteem, as well as motivation and courage. It tends to come in small sizes, which means you can collect them in adorable jars to decorate your home or you can keep one in your bag if you want to have a little self love boost when you’re on the go.

Amethyst: self discipline and inner peace

Amethyst showcases a range of colors, from deep royal purple to lavender haze. This crystal is known for its calming and peaceful properties, and it helps with self discipline and inner peace. Sometimes self love is remembering to rest and relax, and Amethyst is all about that.

Azurite: self worth

Although off the beaten path, Azurite is a worthy addition to any crystal collection. This deep sea blue crystal helps with self worth. Its gorgeous appearance makes me feel cooler just by looking at it! However, it is on the more expensive side and is sensitive to heat, so it can be difficult to find. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, be sure to treasure it!

Garnet: love, protects against insecurities

Like the other red crystal on this list, Garnet has many purposes, including love, devotion, protection against insecurities and fears, and turning stagnant energy into useful and positive energy. However, unlike Carnelian, Garnet can be more expensive and hard to find depending on the size and cut. Many shops have Garnet shaped into hexagonal or octagonal facets, which gives it a unique dice-like appearance.

Everyone needs a little extra self love these days. Remember to surround yourself with the care and energy you need. Whether it’s crystals, herbs, or anything in between, don’t let anything hide your magic.

About the Author:

Sarah Lintakoon is a freelance writer and witch residing in the Pacific Northwest with Rosemary, her tuxedo cat. She spent her childhood and early adulthood writing, studying and teaching English. For more information about her, you can visit her website here.

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Mae Webster
Mae Webster
Nov 30, 2021

I'm fairly new to crystals and find this post very helpful. Thank you Blue Bodhi for sharing this and providing the link to the authors website 💙


Nov 30, 2021

Cool article on crystals. I find the more time I spend with mine, through meditation, wearing or resting the more powerful they become. My rose quartz actually gets warm.

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