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Witches In The Heartland

As long as America has been around, there have been tales of witches throughout its lands. Tales of horror and fear, meant to turn innocent men and women into monsters to be persecuted. Yet, these same men and women, these "witches", are the very ones who kept folk medicines from their countries alive, who held traditions high, who birthed babies, treated the sick and more. Modern witches have been hiding in plain sight for centuries and now it is finally time for them to speak their truth.

Author Mandi "Bodhi" Weems will take you through tales of family history, persecution, perseverance, life and death, and the general normal life of everyday witches who live right among us all here in America.

On this journey, Bodhi will highlight some of the amazing cultures, practices, traditions, places, and more that have a deep place in the history of this nation. These include practices like the rich tapestry of the indigenous cultures, Celtic, Scandinavian, African, South American, Asian, and more.

Would You Like To Participate?

Witches In The Heartland is a project all about those who practice any type of pagan religion here in the US. From witchcraft to shamanism, the misconception about pagans and indigenous cultures have been drug through the mud for too long and it is time to set the record straight. Most Americans have no idea of the richness of the pagan religions, the traditions that they celebrate due to paganism, and the medications that would not be used today if pagans had not kept them alive. 

They also have no idea at the persecution, the violence, the shame and the horror that pagans and their families have gone through over the centuries that America has been alive. 

That is why Bodhi is bringing this project to life, so YOU can share your family stories, your happy times and traditions, your amazing lineage and your horrors, your persecutions, your family's losses, and more. 

Would you like to participate? Please fill out the intake form here. Bodhi will be going through each of these personally to determine if they fit into the vision of the project.

*All stories can be anonymous.

* All stories will require specific information and an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to participate in the project.

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