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How To Make Moon Water

Moon water harnesses the energy and power of the moon, and can be used for rituals, spiritual practices, or simply to bring positive energy into your life. Here's a simple guide on how to make moon water:

1. Start with a clean glass jar or container. It's best to use glass as it's believed to be the best material for holding the energy of the moon. You don't want contaminants in your water.

2. Fill the jar with clean, filtered water. It's important to use water that is safe for consumption. If you aren't drinking the water, then you can use whatever water you prefer.

3. Find a place outside where the moonlight can directly shine on the water. You can place the jar on a flat surface or even on the ground as long as it's a clean and safe area. It doesn't matter if it's cloudy, the moonlight will still make it through.

4. Leave the jar outside to soak up the moonlight overnight. If the moon is full, that's the best time to make moon water, but you can also make it during other phases of the moon, such as the new moon, lunar eclipses, or other celestial events.

5. In the morning, bring the jar inside. It's ok if the sun touches it a little bit, I promise.

Your moon water is now ready to be used!

You can use your moon water in various ways, such as adding it to your bath, using it to cleanse crystals, or incorporating it into your spiritual practices. Just remember to store your moon water in a clean container and to use it within a few days, as it's believed that its energy diminishes over time.

Enjoy your moon water and the positive energy it brings into your life!

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2 comentários

Thank you for this information. I'm saving it so I have it for future use!


Cheri Miller
Cheri Miller
17 de jun.

You can buy cases of water and stick them in the moon and then you have them for the rest of the year

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