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How To Harness The New Moon's Magic

Every lunar cycle means something different but the New Moon is one of my personal favorites and a powerhouse time for your manifestation. The New Moon is the time when the moon is completely in the Earth’s shadow, we can’t see it here on Earth but we can absolutely feel it’s power in our lives.

The New Moon is the 0 point on the clock, the time for starting over, the entire slate is clean and ready to hold something new. Consider it the time when the ground is ready for new seeds to be planted and there are infinite possibilities.

Physical & Emotional New Moon Feelings

During the New Moon, you’re going to feel pretty introspective. You’ll be in your own head a bit as you start to prepare for what’s changing and what you’re bringing in. It can be a time of something akin to hermiting away and doing some deep thinking. It’s also a time of reset, so you’re going to be a bit tired, don’t worry if you shy away from large groups, busy places, or family events. It’s also best not to plan those types of events around the New Moon either. Plan time for you to have a self-care day and/or night so you’ll be able to fully feel the different feels that pop up and give yourself some much needed rest.

The New Moon is also a great time to do a body detox. It is the best day of the month to release all of the toxins that we have gathered and hold throughout the month. Drink lots of water, add fresh fruits and veggies to your meals (and water), and eat light. It’s also a good day to get a massage, to relax, and just to do nothing.

Spiritual New Moon Feelings

The New Moon is a time of invisibility - take that however you need to use it in the grand scheme of your spiritual practice. For me personally, this is a day that I do some of the nasty work that I’ve been putting off - baneful shit, if you know what I mean. It’s a time to put new protections in place as a good witch never discloses all of her wards and protections. It is also a great time to start something new, transition to a new phase, and manifest your ass off.

This brand new, fresh energy of the New Moon is a forgotten phase that most newer practitioners forget about. They forget to harness the power of the New Moon for manifesting what they are bringing in and they forget to use it as a catalyst for transition and change. However, after seeing this - I know that you will never let it pass you by again.

What NOT To Do During The New Moon

Don’t Stop Something You Care About - Even though the New Moon is about change and transition, it is not the time to let go of things that are close to your heart. Sure, you need to let go of things not meant for you, but don’t stop doing things that you truly care about. Wait until the Full Moon to see what it is that you need to let go of.

Don’t Avoid New People - It seems that the New Moon loves to bring in new people undercover into our lives. Usually we tend to shy away from newcomers during this phase of the moon, as we’re in an introspective mood. However, the New Moon will bring in people that are carrying with them lessons that we need to learn, things our souls crave. You never know what kinds of ideas, joys, or knowledge they can bring with them when a new person shows up in your life during a New Moon.

Don’t Shy Away From Unique Invites - Now, even though I mentioned not putting yourself into some crazy party atmosphere during a New Moon, don’t shy away from unique invitations. The New Moon is a time of unique energy, and it also brings new people into your life that the universe needs you to meet. So, don’t shy away from New Moon invites when they are unique and unexpected.

Don’t Spend Time With Vampires - Energy vampires that is… This is always a massive no-no, but during a New Moon it’s even more important to not spend time around people who are energy suckers. With the introspective aspect of your life really in full swing, you do not need those who are going to drain you of every ounce of energy you have left.

What To DO During The New Moon

Manifest, Manifest, Manifest - During the New Moon, you want to set your intentions and manifestations. The New Moon gives us an extra boost of intention-setting energy but you have to know how to harness it correctly. For example, you have to be strong with your words. You cannot just say “I think I’m going to pass this exam.” You have to KNOW you’re going to do it. Be clear, be specific, and be strong during this moon phase.

Bring Light In - The New Moon’s darkness is the perfect time to do candle work. Bringing light in and shining it onto a situation will show you aspects that you had never seen or considered before. Do some road opening candle workings, protections, cord-cuttings, or any other candle work that you’ve been putting off.

Start New Things - Remember that thing you’ve been wanting to learn, well this is the moon phase to start learning! Take lessons, start a new class, start reading a new book, no matter what it is, starting up something new during the New Moon means a lot more intention and power behind it for you to stick with it.

Go On A Date, Especially A First Date - Remember when I mentioned that the New Moon likes to bring people to us? Well, here you go! This is the perfect time of the lunar cycle for a first date. Even if this date doesn’t lead to forever, it will lead to something magical.

Create Your Own Sacred Space - Everyone of us needs a space that is dedicated just to us and our personal, private practice. The New Moon is a wonderful time to do just that if you do not have one already. Setting up a new space can mean a world of amazing changes when it comes to your spiritual practice.

The New Moon Should Be Your Favorite Now Too

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the New Moon is my favorite time of the lunar cycle and it should be yours now as well. Don’t let the next New Moon’s go to waste when they come around!

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