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How To Completely Clean the energy of Any Space

In my line of work, I have cleared many different types of spaces - homes, offices, land, cars, etc. Bad energy can completely fu@k up the atmosphere anywhere. There are so many different ways to clear energy from a space, but I wanted y'all to have my recipe for clearing everything completely. The technique below will clear EVERYTHING, good and bad. Then, it will help you bring the good back in.

Before we get into the process, let me say this: sage is found all over the world. There are hundreds of types of sage. If you're curious what each type does and how it affects things energetically and spiritually, I have a great in-depth article here.

Here is my technique that you are free to use and tweak for your needs:

What you'll need:

  • Yerba santa: this is your energetic nuke and will remove everything bad and good

  • Sage (any type): this will bring the good back in

  • A shell, bowl, or other non-flammable container to hold under the bundles (trust me, burning embers can do damage to a lot of sh!t)

  • Lighter


  • Working clockwise will bring in good

  • Working counterclockwise will remove and undo negativity

  • Sage (of any type) does not remove negativity or negative entities, it creates a vacuum by pushing the negative away and pulling the good in. But it will wear off and the negative can come back at a staggering rate. To truly remove everything bad, you will need to use yerba santa.

  • All sage works with the same base idea, different types of sage offer different spiritual meanings or holistic benefits.

  • The term “saging” or “smudging” is not a Native American term. This is the term that the settlers put on the cleansing and protecting practices that the tribes did. Each tribe had their own term for this practice. (You can easily google this information.)

  • White sage that is carried in our shop is ethically gathered from farms, not from the wild. It is also gathered and sold by small businesses.

What you'll do:

  1. DO NOT open windows or doors. This only allows the energy to come right back in behind you after you leave.

  2. I always apologize to the good things in a space as I'm doing this. I usually say "Hey, I'm sorry that I've gotta kick you out for a few minutes, but I'll let those of you that are here for good right back in." It's just common courtesy, and generally, those that are good will vacate before you ever light anything. **NOTE: this is where you can start to get bad vibes, hair standing up, etc. It's also a good way to know for certain that something negative is in the space. It won't like that you announced that you're kicking everything out and it won't like that you're being thorough and systematic about it. DO NOT let it bully you in any way. If things start happening, tell it to fu@k off, that it isn't welcome there. Talk to it in a firm manner but don't taunt.

  3. Open every closet door, cabinet door, drawer, and any other thing that is closed off that something could get trapped in. Pretend you're chasing something out that is about an inch tall - anywhere it can hide needs to be opened so the smoke can get inside.

  4. Grab the yerba santa and head to the front door. Light it up with the lighter until it is smoking pretty well, and turn it so that you light the entire head of the bundle.

  5. Start at the front and work in the direction that pertains to what you're doing (see info above on clockwise or counterclockwise).

  6. Pretend you are painting the floor of every room, make a big circle, and don't crisscross a room or cut off a part. Go in every closet, over every drawer, and open space.

  7. When you get to the front door again after making your circle, open the front door and fling the smoke out.

  8. If you have a two-story home or building, work your way up the stairs, around the top floor, and back down, trying not to crisscross or push anything into a corner.

  9. Repeat steps 2-5 with the sage.

Take your time, go slow. This process will take you at least 20-30 minutes depending on the size of your home. You can do this outside on your property as well if you'd like.

If you want to ensure that nothing comes back in that is not welcome, I highly recommend checking out the following article on protecting a cleansed space.

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martha Rivers
martha Rivers
Mar 19, 2023

Thank you so much for the info Bodhi. I have had people to clease with the windows open


Jojo V
Jojo V
Feb 09, 2023

Thank you truly appreciate you doing this for us all.


Thank you for this guidance. Much appreciated 💙


Gratitude I am cash flow afflicted but would like to clear the ‘depression’ energiesI have attracted to help move to a better space of healing. Yerba Santa is not native to PA. You are one of my most trusted sources. I have tried a dance party. Do you recommend anything else?


This is great! I just hate how sensitive my smoke alarms are.

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