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5 Crystals for Protection

One of the most important aspects of any spirituality is protecting yourself. Some people seek protection from physical ailments, while others may ask for protection to keep their spirituality strong. Either way, we have all sought out spiritual protection at some point in our lives.

If you want to take steps to protect yourself, there are a few easy options. Many people know that salt has protective properties, but there are many crystals that offer protection, as well as other helpful qualities. In this brief list, I will go over five crystals that will help protect you in your spiritual journey.

Five Crystals for Protection:

Tiger’s Eye: clears negativity

We’re kicking this list off with the most accessible protective crystal. Tiger’s Eye is not only beautiful but it is also very easy to find and reasonably priced, making it a convenient crystal to own. It is often tumbled, which makes it look like an amber marble.

Tourmaline: protection, repels negativity

Tourmaline is a common crystal but can be difficult to identify to an inexperienced eye. Tourmaline has lines across it, which gives it a geometric appearance. Additionally, it’s common for other minerals and sediments to get caught in those striations, which is a trait only Tourmaline has.

Hematite: protection, clarity

This crystal is well known for protection and has recently been popular in jewelry. However, I will caution against buying jewelry made of Hematite. Though it is known for aiding in protection and clarity, the crystal composition itself is delicate. Wearing it will not last long, as it is likely to snap in half if it’s hit hard enough. This doesn’t take away from its usefulness, as it has many purposes, but be sure to protect it so it can do its best to protect you.

Obsidian: protection, personal growth

This volcanic crystal is very popular, but like Tourmaline, can be hard to identify. Obsidian is unique because it is translucent when held up to light. Additionally, it breaks off in glass-like shards. Obsidian is without a doubt the most enchanting of the dark colored crystals. Regardless of if it's in tumbled or raw form, the crystal looks powerful and stoic. Obsidian can help protect you while also giving you a safer space to grow and learn.

Petrified Wood: well being, safety

Often confused for the popular Tiger’s Eye, Petrified Wood is known for its brown stripes, whereas Tiger’s Eye is more multicolored. Petrified Wood offers multiple helpful properties, including safety, which is a trait few crystals have. Petrified Wood often comes in tumbled form and is usually small in size, which makes it a good protective stone to take on the go.

Whether you need physical, mental, or spiritual protection, there are many beautiful crystal options available for your needs. Always remember to create a safe space for you to let your magic shine to its fullest.

About the Author:

Sarah Lintakoon is a freelance writer and witch residing in the Pacific Northwest with Rosemary, her tuxedo cat. She spent her childhood and early adulthood writing, studying and teaching English. For more information about her, you can visit her website here.

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