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Totality: Full Solar Eclipse Water Tincture

Totality: Full Solar Eclipse Water Tincture


The April 8th, 2024 eclipse passed through southern Oklahoma and Bodhi captured the totality in multiple cases of distilled water. She brought it back to the shop and created this unique full solar eclipse water tincture just for y'all to harness this amazing cleansing, clearing, and road-opening power.

Each 2 oz frosted black glass tincture bottle is filled with a skin-safe blend of distilled total solar eclipse water, gold luster dust, and white tea and thyme fragrance.

It can be used in any way that you see fit for any type of clearing, cleansing, road opening, or blockage-busting working. 


Each one of these products is hand-made in Oklahoma in Bodhi's Apothecary by Bodhi and her team.

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