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New Moon Support Stone Set

New Moon Support Stone Set


New Moon ✅Crystal Support


Pyrite, Green Aventurine, Celestite, Hematite, Blue Calcite, Moonstone, Pink Opal, Citrine, Clear Quartz and Selenite


The New Moon Crystal Support is a powerful combination of stones that work together to provide support and guidance during the new moon phase. Each stone has been carefully selected for its unique properties and the way they complement each other.


Pyrite is a stone of manifestation and abundance. It helps to attract prosperity and success, while also providing protection and grounding energy.


Green Aventurine is a stone of opportunity and luck. It brings optimism and a sense of adventure, while also promoting emotional healing and balance.


Celestite is a stone of divine connection and spiritual communication. It enhances intuition and psychic abilities, while also promoting peace and tranquility.


Hematite is a grounding stone that helps to balance and stabilize energy. It provides protection and enhances focus and concentration.


Blue Calcite is a calming stone that helps to soothe the mind and emotions. It promotes relaxation and clear communication, while also enhancing intuition and psychic abilities.


Black Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings and intuition. It helps to connect with the energy of the new moon, promoting growth and transformation.


Pink Opal is a stone of emotional healing and love. It helps to release past wounds and traumas, while also promoting self-love and compassion.


Citrine is a stone of abundance and manifestation. It brings joy and positivity, while also enhancing creativity and confidence.


Clear Quartz is a powerful healing stone that amplifies energy and intentions. It helps to clear and balance the energy field, while also enhancing spiritual growth and clarity.


Selenite is a calming stone that instills deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work. It assists judgment and insight, clears confusion, and aids in seeing the deeper picture.


Together, these stones create a powerful synergy of energies that support your overall well-being during the new moon phase. They work in harmony to provide grounding, protection, emotional healing, and spiritual connection.


The combination of Pyrite, Green Aventurine, Celestite, Hematite, Blue Calcite, Black Moonstone, Pink Opal, Citrine, Clear Quartz, and Selenite can influence your overall well-being in various ways. They can enhance your manifestation abilities, promote emotional healing and balance, enhance intuition and psychic abilities, and provide clarity and focus.


Physically, these stones can help to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and support the immune system. Mentally, they can bring clarity, focus, and a sense of calmness. Spiritually, they can enhance your connection to higher realms, promote spiritual growth, and provide guidance during the new moon phase.


In essence, the New Moon Crystal Support is a comprehensive tool for harnessing the energies of the new moon and supporting your overall well-being. It addresses not just physical healing, but also emotional and spiritual growth. It's a powerful ally for anyone seeking to align with the energies of the new moon and manifest their intentions with clarity and purpose.

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