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Monthly Spiritual Urgent Care Box (Large)

Monthly Spiritual Urgent Care Box (Large)


Now you can get a monthly Spiritual Urgent Care box sent right to your door with hand-picked items from Bodhi directly to you. Each month, you'll get a custom box shipped out to your doorstep with a vast array of items. These items can include:

  • candles
  • herbs
  • oils
  • jewelry
  • stones
  • boxes
  • books
  • cards
  • and so much more


Bodhi has found that she loves to do the Spiritual Urgent Care boxes so much more than the original Bodhi Boxes. It allows her to customize each box for each different person.


These boxes ship when ordered and will ship every month on that date unless you cancel. 


This order is for the large urgent care box each month until cancelled.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a subscription and you will be billed every month for your chosen box.

Price Options
LG Spiritual Urgent Care Monthly Box
$85.00every month until canceled
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