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Decorative Ritual Skull / Skeleton Shaped Candle ( Multiple colors)

Decorative Ritual Skull / Skeleton Shaped Candle ( Multiple colors)


Description-Light the white skull candle upon your altar in mourning, or in reverence of your ancestors, or to use it to help bring in positive energy and to create a positive new beginning within your life.



White-Candles absorb and re-emit all wavelengths of light equally. So, from a spiritual  perspective, white really can represent any shades of the rainbow in your candle work. And, the physics align with the white candle’s meanings (protection, summoning divine energy, opening blocked roads, etc.) as well. To calm the mind in times of crisis and anxiety. To bring about harmony, balance, tranquility and relaxation. For protection or purification against negative energies. To seek truth and sincerity. To help bring about peace and unity. For renewal and to open blocked roads. To connect with the feminine divinity or the Moon. To connect with your higher self and to give gratitude, summon your spirit guides, tap into creativity and help promote healing during a protection ritual.



Gods-Isis, Artemis, Diana, Luna, the Triple Goddess






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