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Honey Calcite #125

Honey Calcite #125

SKU: 125

Spiritual ID Card: Clear Quartz

Also Known As: Crystal Quartz, Rock Crystal, Master Healer

Locations Found: Found worldwide, with significant deposits in the United States, Brazil, Madagascar, and Russia.

Appearance: As the name suggests, Clear Quartz is a transparent crystal with a glass-like appearance. It often forms in hexagonal prisms and can range from completely clear to slightly cloudy.

Strengths: Known as the 'Master Healer', Clear Quartz is a powerful healing and energy amplification tool. Its ability to absorb, store, release, and regulate energy makes it invaluable in spiritual practices.

Weaknesses: Clear Quartz is sensitive to sunlight and may fade if exposed for long periods. It also absorbs energies very easily, so it requires regular cleansing to maintain its vibrational effectiveness.

Mind Connection: Clear Quartz assists in mental clarity, focus, and decision making. It helps to clear mental blockages and align thoughts for higher awareness.

Body Connection: As an all-around healer, Clear Quartz stimulates the immune system and balances the physical body. It is particularly useful for amplifying the energy of other stones and enhancing their healing properties.

Spirit Connection: Clear Quartz aids in spiritual growth, enhancing psychic abilities, and attuning to one's spiritual purpose. It helps in connecting with higher states of consciousness and unlocking psychic abilities.

Complementary Stones: Amethyst for spiritual growth, Smoky Quartz for grounding, and Rose Quartz for heart healing.

Fun Facts: The name 'Quartz' comes from the German word 'quarz', meaning 'hard'. In many cultures, Clear Quartz was believed to be water turned into ice by gods, and hence, it was often referred to as 'solidified light' or 'frozen light'.

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