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Ammonite Fossil #164

Ammonite Fossil #164

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Ammonite Fossil


Also Known As: Ammolite, Korite, Calcenite


Locations Found: Primarily in Canada, but also in Madagascar, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Morocco.


Appearance: With its spiraling shape reminiscent of a ram's horn, the Ammonite Fossil boasts an array of iridescent colors, from fiery reds and oranges to cool blues and greens, depending on the angle of light. The exterior is brownish and resembles a spiral shell.


Strengths: Known as the 'Spiral of Life', the Ammonite Fossil carries within it the vibrations of the Earth's positive energy, making it a potent tool for spiritual awakening and personal growth. It is believed to stimulate the life force (Chi) within, imparting stability and structure to one's life.


Weaknesses: The Ammonite's energy can be overwhelming for those new to crystal healing or anyone sensitive to high-frequency vibrations. It's recommended to introduce this fossil into your spiritual journey gradually.


Mind Connection: Ammonite Fossil helps clear negative thought patterns and inspires a deeper sense of personal insight and self-understanding. It strengthens concentration and encourages a focus on the bigger picture.


Body Connection: Linked with the Root Chakra, the Ammonite Fossil is said to aid in detoxifying the body, boosting stamina, and promoting an overall sense of well-being.


Spirit Connection: This fossil aids in spiritual growth by helping the individual to dig deep into their consciousness, bringing to surface hidden and repressed memories for healing. It provides a sense of safety and security, grounding one's energies to the Earth.


Complementary Stones: Smoky Quartz for grounding, Rose Quartz for heart healing, and Citrine for amplifying the energy of the Ammonite Fossil.


Fun Facts: The name 'Ammonite' derives from the ancient Egyptian god Ammon, who was depicted with ram's horns, much like the fossil's appearance. Also, due to their antiquity, Ammonite Fossils are often used in feng shui to bring about increased longevity and wisdom.

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