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Why Lunar Eclipses Are So Powerful

Throughout time, lunar eclipses have been a marker of massive power and change. Every ancient culture revered lunar eclipses for so many reasons. They marked the beginnings and endings of civilizations & dynasties, power shifts, giving power to a new leader, and they also had times they were seen as bad omens. However, even before science and structured astrology, everyone knew that eclipses were change.

Today, we know that eclipses are when the moon moved between the Earth and Sun, or when the moon moves into the Earth's shadow - as the eclipse tomorrow will be. Every lunar eclipse makes a massive change in the modern world as well. This power boost is because the conjunction of the earth, the sun, and the moon supercharges our lunar friend.

So let's talk about why they mean so much spiritually.

Lunar eclipses are a time to truly embrace everything in your life that needs to end. It means being ready to let go of the things, situations, and people no longer meant to be on your path.

It is precisely this break, this ending of things, that causes angst in people who are not ready to let go of something. That angst causes them to tense up in multiple ways, including spiritually, and then the clamp down onto the things no longer meant for them, while the universe yanks the things away.

Now this ain't toxic positivity. In fact I hate that I even have to put that.

It is simply reality.

If you aren't ready to let go of something, you're going to fight to keep it. If you fight to keep it, and the universe needs to remove it, it will. So this can cause a massive upheaval in your life that will appear to be a horrible thing.

And, at that moment, it will be.

It won't be until later that you'll realize it was the best thing possible. So you have to truly roll with the punches during a lunar eclipse cycle. (Usually about three days around the eclipse.)

Lunar eclipses aren't just a time of letting go and having things removed - they are a time of rising from the ashes. For those who had something removed with the previous eclipse or who just went through something pretty damn horrible, the lunar eclipse is a time of your triumphant return.

The eclipse energy will bring things back into perspective for you. That new perspective will show you where and how to become a new version of yourself. It is absolutely the best time to rise up out of the muck that you've been wallowing in.

Now, just like with things being removed, you still have to roll with things. Rising from the ashes can be hard to do, especially if you've been living there for too long. Pay attention to what the universe is showing you. It will always catch you and show you were to move forward.

So don't get all upset with this lunar eclipse or any of the ones that are going to come later. Just roll with the punches and move forward.

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