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Supermoon New Moon on February 20, 2023

Today marks the new moon In February right before the 2/22 portal. What makes it even better is that this is a supermoon - meaning that the moon is closer to the Earth in its normal orbit. (No, the moon's orbit isn't perfectly round.) So what does this mean for you? It means letting go of all the bullshit in a massive way! Here's how you can harness it for your highest good:

Set Your Intentions: don't just think it, write it down. Put it somewhere that you can see it visually. Visualizing what you're letting go of so you can see it constantly for this week. Having your intentions for what need to kick rocks out where you can see it constantly will help you let it go easier and it makes it real.

Do Something About It: are there ties you need to cut? Things you need to stop doing? A shift you need to make? Then do something about it! Yes, the universe will help to move things along but don't leave everything just to the universe. Show it that you're serious about a new beginning and watch the fireworks! You can write down and burn your intentions, bury them, wash them away, etc. Make changes in your life and your path this week - no matter how small. Just do something to get the momentum started.

Be Grateful When Things Change: no matter if the change seems good or bad in the moment - be grateful. Period. Even those bad changes are good, trust me! When something changes, you're going to find that it's the best thing in the end. You might not understand why something is being removed at the time, but you'll see later why it was the best thing. Be grateful, even if you don't understand.

Set Out New Moon Water: set new moon water out and leave it out all night. You can also set out any type of liquid that you'd like to harness the supermoon power in. Wine, liquor, tea, soda, anything that you drink can be set out. I personally will set out an entire case of bottled water.

Set Out Cards and Stones - With A Few Exceptions: set out your divination tools to harness all of that intention setting power. Stones should all get their chance as well, however you don't want to set out anything that isn't used for cutting ties, intention setting, or love/relationship workings. (If you're using it for bringing relationships in, you don't want to cut ties!)

Trust your gut. It is your practice. If you feel the need to set something out, to do something specific, to change, etc - do it! There's an important reason that you're being pulled to do it.

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