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Stormy Crystal Buying

Today started in a rush and then swiftly moved into a hurry up and wait as I sat in the valet area of The Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, waiting on a Doordash delivery. I wanted to take goodies to a group of people who are so amazing and welcoming, just to make their Thursday a little better - the staff out at Wegner Mines in Mt. Ida.

I felt like shit this morning. The storms and cold front had me in a gnarly migraine and I was thankful for my Capricorn skills of hoarding medicine until the last possible minute... or maybe that was intuition, I'm not sure. However, I had ONE migraine pill left and that alone saved the day for me I am pretty sure.

Meds down, donuts on board, I headed to Mt. Ida. While I was there, hand-picking stones for the shop, it began to rain.

Now, if y'all have never experienced mountain rain, go do it. It needs to be a top spot on your bucket list. It doesn't matter which mountains, any of them will do - big or small. For some reason, the rain just smells and feels "more" in the mountains.

It pinged off the tin roof, the cars, the wood, the ground, and the crystals all around the grounds, and it made the most glorious sounds along with the wind dancing in the large windchime.

Now, I've been in many a mountain rainstorm, from Colorado to Georgia, Arkansas to California, and all of them have been magic.

This one, however, THIS ONE, was more than that.

I had gone out to the bathroom when there was a lull in the rain. As I came out of the bathroom, it began to rain a little more. I stood in it for a moment, because it was a light wonderful rain. Then I tuned into the sounds and the colors of the rain. Now the windchimes are a beautiful yellow-to-orange sound, the rain is pink. But the rain on raw rose quartz, raw milky quartz, petrified wood, and more - well that my friends, is just phenomenal.

I took my phone out and began to record. I'm going to post the video on my Patreon later and I might post it on TikTok and such, but I doubt it. That was a special moment that I want to share with those who will appreciate it the most - not the masses.

But, it set the tone for the rest of the long day and I am so thankful for that moment.

The rain on the crystals just calmed and cleared away some doubts that had been swirling. They washed off some dust that had been threatening to cloud my motivation. They cleared some crankiness that I had going as well. I needed that more than I realized.

I went back inside recharged in a way I hadn't been in a long time. I finished hand-picking the stones I needed to bring back to the shop and felt better than I had in two days.

Car loaded to the gills with stones, I headed home about two hours later than I expected and I was perfectly ok with that. I got home in time to visit with my oldest son and eat dinner before my 8:30 live. I consider that perfect.

The reason I'm sharing this with yall is this: sometimes we need the rain to ping just a little differently. Sometimes we need to reevaluate our current circumstances just slightly, just a teeny bit. It doesn't take a massive shift, just a minute one, for us to completely change our whole day for the better.

So the next time that you're feeling stuck, down, upset, sad, etc - I want you to find a video of some rain and take a listen. Let it wash that shit right off you and then go rule the world my friends.

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It sounds like a beautiful experience. I will definitely put it on my bucket list.


I live in the mountains, so I know what you are saying. It is amazing. You looked so relaxed on your live. Happy you had a brake, from all the craziness of life. Does a body good.


That sounds beautiful 🤩 I hv always loved listening & watching the rain. It’s so calming & seems to wash away anything I am feeling. Thank you for sharing 💙


Stormwitch (Storm)
Stormwitch (Storm)
Apr 28, 2023

Rain has a way of bringing introspection or renewal when sorely needed. Especially as you described it. It can be magic 💙


Beautiful telling of the tale. I can relate to the rain you speak of. I've danced in such a rain not powered by the surrounding of crystals but from the mountains of my home. Thank you for the mental picture and reminder of a better time in my life.

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