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It's Official!

Welp... it's official, Bodhi's is expanding. I waited a bit to announce this but it's finally time to let the cat out of the bag.


I will be expanding Bodhi's current shop between now and October 28th, which is the 1-year anniversary of the shop opening to the public. There is SO much to do and I cannot wait for everyone to see what's about to happen.

While I am not ready to announce much, I will say this: Mr. Mark Burnham, Leatherface himself, will be in attendance for the anniversary party. You'll be able to see him and get an autographed photo no matter where you are!

Stay tuned, I'll be announcing more as we get closer to October 28th!

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15 Kommentare

Teresa Pruitt
Teresa Pruitt
23. Aug. 2023

Nice, congratulations

Gefällt mir

Congratulations! I can’t wait!

Gefällt mir

Congrats 🎉

Gefällt mir

Congratulations love! Sounds like a great celebration!!!

Gefällt mir

I'm so happy for you! Congratulations Bodhi.

Gefällt mir
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