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How to Nuke a Space

You need:

  • Yerba Santa

  • Sage (Any type: white, desert, blue, dragons blood)

  • Holy wood (palo santo or cedar)

Yerba santa is a nuke, it will literally clear everything – good and bad. Sage is used to bring the good in, so it works like a vacuum when you use it alone, in that it sucks the good in, pushing the bad out. Holy wood is used to dedicate a space as a holy/safe space.

Start by opening cabinets, drawers, etc. Make sure that you say to the positive spirits that you apologize for what you're about to do, that you're going to kick them out for a few moments and then you will invite them back in. This is just a courtesy to them, and the majority will vacate a bit before you do what you're doing, and it keeps them happy.

Light your yerba santa and start at one end of the space and work slowly through every room, including closets, bathrooms, etc. Work like you're painting the floor and work clockwise, sweeping everything out the door. Work toward a main door, and once you reach that door, open it and sweep everything outside.

Then you will repeat this with the sage and then once more with holy wood.

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6 commentaires

18 juil. 2022

Does anyone have any tricks for keeping the palo santo burning? I have to constantly relight mine and it gets frustrating.

En réponse à

Light at an angle?


Heres the thing…i can’t light a smudge stick. I have a VERY nasty portal at work i need to get rid of. Any ideas for a substitute? I can use crystals & essential oils.

En réponse à

I know someone who makes a fist on the area of the wall to close it.

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