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Expanding The Frontier... of the shop

If y'all have been hiding under a rock and had no idea that Bodhi's is expanding, well, we are. We have acquired the shop next door and have begun renovations on the building to incorporate everything into one big amazing shop. We cannot wait for y'all to see what all we have in store for you - but y'all know beetches love to steal ideas, so it has to stay quiet for now.

In the meantime, we CAN tell you just a little bit about some of the cool happenings that are gonna go down during the 1 Year Anniversary and Grand Opening at Bodhi's.

As y'all know, Bodhi has some interesting friends. She's booked a few different horror villains and other kick ass celebs to come to the shop for signings. These include: Mark Burnham (Leatherface), Paul Taylor (Pinhead), EC3 (Wrestling superstar), and James Stokes (Jason Voorhees), with more to be announced. These amazing actors will be appearing at Bodhi's shop starting the last weekend of October and going throughout November. Y'all will have the opportunity to attend in person and virtual signings with these celebrities and get really cool. unique goodies for all the horror fans in your life.

Bodhi is also working on bringing in some of your favorite spiritual and witchy TikTokers to visit her shop, guest readers, and so much more. The shop will be a warm, welcoming place for everyone to come and hang out, shop, and just be around other weirdos just like yourself!

Would you like to be a part of the expansion, of the new shop? Bodhi has an wish list on Amazon for those who would like to donate items. Everyone who donates items will have their name displayed in the shop as part of the building of this amazing project. If you'd like to donate an item, Bodhi's Amazon List can be found here.

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Sep 03, 2023

💙💙💙 Sounds amazing


Unknown member
Sep 03, 2023

I am so excited for you!! I cannot wait to see it all when it is finished!! Love you, Omni!

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