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Crystal Pairings for the New Year

2021 was a year that caused great difficulties for everyone. With the start of the new year, which is already greatly imbued with renewal and growth, people are hoping for a prosperous and positive year. If you’re looking to give your new year a spiritual boost, crystals can help you start the year off right.

Given how hard 2021 was and the fact that 2022 is almost entirely made of the number 2, I have been giving a lot of thought to pairings. Every single crystal has properties on its own, but if paired together, they can combine their abilities and open up even better opportunities. What better time than now to give crystal pairings a try?

I’ve compiled a short guide to five different crystal pairings below. Whether you’re looking for protection, prosperity, or anything in between, there’s a way to mix and match crystals to suit your needs and to give your new year the renewal it deserves.

5 Crystal Pairings for the New Year:

Peridot and Jasper: prosperity and perseverance

Peridot is known for prosperity, abundance, and growth, but it can also help with business success and bring about positive change. Though Jasper is not as popular, it can also help with careers and is known for perseverance and diligence. When combined, these crystals can help get you fired up for any hard work you may face this year.

Clear Quartz and Citrine: balance and manifestation

Clear Quartz offers positive energy, along with balance, healing, and intent. Citrine is popular because of its cleansing properties, but it can also help with manifesting dreams and goals. These crystals can help you maintain the clarity and balance you need while also helping you achieve your dreams.

Aventurine and Amazonite: creativity and opportunity

Aventurine is associated with creativity, opportunity, and vision, as well as perception and intelligence. The pink variant of Aventurine is known especially for creativity! Amazonite is also known for creativity, but is also associated with inspiration. This combination can help give you the boost you need for your future artistic projects.

Sardonyx and Agate: happiness and communication

Sardonyx is known for happiness, courage, and clear communication. It can also help with stability in romantic relationships. Agate also provides good fortune for lovers, but it has the added benefit of turning away malicious energy. These crystals will assist you in relationships by boosting your communication and protecting you from negative energy.

Selenite and Snowflake Obsidian: serenity and purity

Selenite is famous for cleansing negative energy and recharging positive energy, as well as purification. Snowflake Obsidian offers balance and serenity. It can also help draw underlying issues to the surface, so you can deal with them and move past whatever may be holding you back. This combination is great for shedding negativity from last year and discovering positivity in the new year.

Regardless of what you may want to achieve this year, the passing of the new year is a great opportunity for renewal and personal progress and a crystal pairing can help give you the spiritual boost you need. I hope this guide helps you set the tone for the year you want to have!

About the Author:

Sarah Lintakoon is a freelance writer and witch residing in the Pacific Northwest with Rosemary, her tuxedo cat. She spent her childhood and early adulthood writing, studying and teaching English. For more information about her, you can visit her website here.

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