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Changes Are In The Air

Don't you love it when changes smack you in the face? You know, the ones that you've been ignoring from the universe for months... THOSE changes? I have a love/hate relationship with them personally. I hate being called on my own bullshit - as we all do - but damn man...

Ok, well to be honest, I also know that I'm a stubborn mf with all my Capricorn placements and shit. Touche universe.

I've known for a while that I needed to separate my physical shop in Sapulpa from "The Blue Bodhi". I mean, they are separate entities. I just was overwhelmed with some of my own damn bullshit, playing with a mini pitty party if you will... or truthfully doing a little dark night of the soul. Then, the universe was like, look, bitch, it's happening. I got a call from the state telling me I had to separate these things, and that I couldn't keep the state tax going the way it had been set up. Cool.

That meant I needed to build an entirely separate "thing" for everything shop related. Then I had several other business things come up and bam - TBB had to be its own thing.

Ok, shit, universe - I fucking get it man. Staaaaahp.

I'm telling y'all all of this for a few reasons but the main one is this: the website is changing.

Starting June 15th, 2023, Bodhi's Apothecary & Spiritialia will have its own website like a big girl. All orders will still be done the same - just with a shiny new site. The Blue Bodhi site will continue on as before, but only for appointments, events, and such, things that are just "me" personally and not Bodhi's Apothecary.

I'm excited about the change now. I wasn't at first. Is what it is, you know. I'm also

excited for this:

Y'all have NO IDEA the things that have been in the back of my shop that aren't on the site now. I never put them on because I always had some shit come up where I couldn't. Everything happens for a reason, right? Well, here's the reason.

Starting on June 15, 2023, the new site for Bodhi's will have a massive selection of herbs, bones, stones, weird shit, and more. I absolutely cannot wait for y'all to see all of the crazy shit that I have for you.

Oh, and shirts. And clothing. Lol...


And y'all know damn well I'm gonna throw out some amazing coupons for you. Those of you who have been long-term, loyal followers - don't think I haven't noticed. And those of you who have been here for a short time, but have been amazing supporters of me and the shop - oh I see you too.

The remaining part of 2023 is going to bring something absolutely amazing for us all and I cannot wait to share it with you.

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