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Candle Shapes Meaning

Curious what traditional candle shapes mean? Here you go!

Round/Cylindrical Shape: Growth, Evolution, Spiritual Purification, Positive Energies To Any Working

Bells: Protective Rituals, Bring In Certain News, Clearing, Ward Off Enemies

Pyramid:Powerful Energy To Any Working, Harmonizing The Home, Restoring Harmony, Warding Off Bad Vibes, Cleansing & Purification Of Physical Spaces

Heart: Love Spells, Healing The Heart

Figural (Man/Woman): Representing The Physical Body Of Someone, Divine Masculine/Feminine

Couple Candle: Workings Involving Couples

Back-To-Back or Separating Candle: For Cord Cutting, Workings To Separate

Knob Candle/7 Day Candle: Week Long Working Candle (Burn 1 Knob Each Day Until Gone)

Cat Candle: Luck, Killing Bad Luck, Stealing An Enemy's Luck, Quick Results

Skull Candle: Influencing A Person, Psychic Protection, Psychic Attacks, Clearing Mental Confusion, Psychic Powers And Abilities

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