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Bodhi Doesn't Currently Endorse Anyone

So I have had some questions lately about endorsements for other creators, classes, and so on. I have had several coven members reach out to me and the Chancellors about who I endorse and my name being used in classes, videos, and other things that are being put out on social media.

The short of it is this: I DO NOT endorse anyone. Period. I keep a very neutral stance and I am very cautious about who I put my name behind because I want to make sure that you all know you can trust the information I put out. I take a lot of pride in my content, my brand, my coven, and I am very protective of all of those things as well. Therefore, I don't take paid endorsements unless I truly believe in that item or brand. I also do not endorse other creators and give permission to use my name, likeness, etc currently. I want to always be honest with you all for the good and the bad.

Now, I may like another creator and say hey, y'all should follow this person or that person. But please do not confuse this with an endorsement. I simply want to open you up to new views, ways of thinking, etc. Every creator out there is different and should never strive to be exactly like someone else.

An endorsement is someone putting their name and brand behind a product, person, show, etc. An endorsement is me putting my word behind someone or something in a wholehearted way - and I have yet to find something or someone that I want to do that with.

Keep in mind that I do have my favorite things... Blackcraft clothing, Liquid Death Water, Bernadette (Land Rover), etc. But I'm not paid to endorse any of those items. And... being a Capricorn, I change my mind a lot about what I'm in love with at that moment... so next week, it might be a different water company or clothing. Lol.

With people, I have other creators on my podcast because I want to show y'all the world. I want to show y'all other people out there and other ways of thinking and approaching spiritual topics. In no way does that mean that I endorse their classes or other types of spiritual practices that I have not seen. It simply means that you should open your view a bit and learn from all types of practices.

I wanted to make that abundantly clear.

As Above, So Below


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Sep 23, 2023



Lady of Draiocht
Lady of Draiocht
Sep 21, 2023

Good advice - smart business practice.

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