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Shadow Work Classes

With Expert Shadow Worker The Blue Bodhi

Join Bodhi every Monday evening at 6PM CST on TikTok & YouTube
With shadow work prompts daily on Tiktok & Youtube

Bodhi's Apothecary & Spiritualia 
is now open to the public!

Visit us in person at
9 S Main St, Sapulpa, OK 74066

Sunday & Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Thursday: 11am - 7pm
Friday - Saturday 11am - 8pm

Or click that awesome new logo to visit the online shop!

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Check out
event schedule
for classes, online, & in-person events!

- with very limited spaces available,
Grab your spot here!

Who is The Blue Bodhi?

Bodhi is a TikTok influencer, a professional folk magic practitioner, and a spiritual educator from Tulsa, OK. She grew up with an interesting mix of Native American (Potawatomi/Cherokee), Celtic/Norse, and American Folk magick practices and has been practicing all of her life.

Having multiple forms of synesthesia, she reads the full auric body and uses her artistic background to draw what she sees. Currently, she is the only person in the United States who draws auras in this way. Due to her uncanny ability to pinpoint anyone's soul and auras, she has read for many celebrities and has fans all over the world. (Learn more about Bodhi here)

Bodhi is dedicated to teaching, opening up and guiding people on their paths, and bringing people together. She is a staunch LGBTQ+ ally and was raised in a home where diversity was honored and celebrated. She speaks about this continually.

She is also a mental health advocate and is a safe space for everyone. Suicide has touched her life more than a few times and she strives to ensure that everyone knows their light and their ripples in the universe matters. Her manifestation phrase "I am the prize" is shared on every live by her and fans - she never wants anyone to feel that they are alone.

You can catch Bodhi on lives multiple times a week on TikTok and YouTube:
- Mondays 8:30pm CST: Full Warrior Reiki session followed by a free reading for each zodiac sign for the week
- Thursdays 8:30pm CST: Full Warrior Reiki session followed by readings

She is usually live multiple times throughout the week in the evenings and live during the day at her shop.

Follow her on TikTok here: The Blue Bodhi's TikTok

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