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Mentorship 101 - Live Classes

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For those that want to learn everything about everything in their first year, this unique mentorship program offers a solid basis for any level of spirituality. Taught by experienced spiritual and American Folk Magic educator, shamanic spiritual advisor and practicing pagan, The Blue Bodhi, you'll learn everything that you need to know for a solid foundation to your spirituality. In this mentorship program, you will be given a massive buffet of everything spiritual and you can choose what speaks to you and walk your path accordingly. Bodhi will provide you with education in all of the following areas: - Pagan history - Multiple religions of the world - Spirituality - Meditation - Spellwork - Candles - Intention - Deities - Herbalism basics - Crystals - Protection - Defense against the dark arts - The clairs - Divination - Demonology - Starseeds - Grounding - Spiritual awakenings - Shadow work - And so much more! These are live classes but are videoed as well for you to watch when you would like.

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