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Reversal Candle Workings 101

Candle magic is one of the easiest – and most interesting – types of magic. It is found in every culture around the world and is as old as candles themselves. Candles are an amazing tool for any practice and can help you to immediately shift and change your life, your path, and the situations around you. In this article, I'll discuss what a reversal candle is, the power that reversal candles hold, why you need to use it, and how to do it safely.

What Is A Reversal Candle?

A reversal candle is designed to stop and return any negativity, bad workings, etc that are sent your way. Traditionally, this is a single candle that is two different colors: red and black. These can either be one color on top and one color on the bottom, or they can be one color on the outside and one on the inside. The layering of the colors doesn't matter – but the colors themselves do.

The candles themselves are used to send back anything that is affecting your life in a bad way.

Colors Of A Reversal Candle

There are a few different color combinations for these candles that you'll see. These include red and black, green and black, white and black, pink and black, and blue and black.

Red and black: red is for energy, passion, willpower, self-assertion, and positive outcome. Black is to remove, banish, reverse curses and workings, absorb or destroy negative magicks, and repel black magic. It also protects us against evil. This is a general reversal if you aren't sure what's been placed against you.

Green and black: green is for luck, health, and abundance. A green and black reversal candle is to send back workings that are put on you for any of those aspects.

White and black: this is used to clear things out, cleanse yourself, cleanse the energy around you, wipe the slate clean, and start over protected.

Pink and black: pink is for friendship, family, and love matters. If you're having issues in these areas, a pink and black reversal candle is perfect for sending that bullshit back to whoever is sending it your way.

Blue and black: blue is for calm, peace, loyalty, and trust. If any of these aspects are being threatened, you can do a blue and black reversal candle to send all of that right back to whoever is sending it toward you and wrecking your peace.

When Should You Use One?

You should use a reversal candle in any of the following situations:

  1. You think someone has done negative or black workings toward you due to some extremely strange situations where you feel that you have no power or energy to push it away.

  2. You feel that there is something negative hanging over yourself, your family, your job, etc – just a feeling of unease, of something being wrong but you can't put your finger on it.

  3. You have done a reading of any type and it has shown that there are negative influences sent your way.

  4. You have proof that someone has been doing negative workings toward you.

Or any other time that your gut tells you to do so – always trust your intuition.

When Is The Best Moon Phase?

It's best to do a reversal candle during a waning moon when the moon is going from full back to a new moon. It's also best to do these at high noon, providing a spotlight on the problem, the person doing or sending the negativity your way, and showing what's been done to you. Or, if you'd like to be sneaky, you can do this after dark, hiding your reversal as it turns back on them.

What If You Don't Know Who's Doing It?

That's fine, you don't have to know exactly who is sending this all to you. You can do a reversal candle with the intention that this is sent back to whoever is sending it your way.

How To Dress A Reversal Candle

You can buy a ready-made reversal candle or you can set up your own. We have several types of reversal candles in the shop for the specific needs that you might have.

To set up your own, you simply need the candles in the colors you feel you need, but you'll always have a black one in the center or to the east.

You can add herbs and stones for helping your working as well.

Here are some herbs that are great for these workings: clove, slippery elm, bamboo, chili pepper, datura, huckleberry, poke, thistle, toadflax, vetivert, wintergreen, carnation, ginger, cinnamon, rowan, ebony, bay, cedar, chamomile, coconut, copal, fennel, horseradish, iris, lavender, lemon, mimosa, parsley, peppermint, rosemary, sagebrush, shallot, thyme, tobacco, turmeric, valerian, vervain, and yucca.

Here are some stones that are wonderful for these workings: obsidian (preferably a smooth and sharp piece), sodalite, amethyst, lapis, clear quartz, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, tiger's eye, hawk eye, blue sandstone, jet, and selenite.

Place the herbs and stones around the plate that your candle is on. Don't get the herbs on the candle or anywhere that they can catch fire as it will affect the burn of your candle.

What Do You Do After You Light It?

Watch the flame, watch the smoke, and watch the wax. There are other great articles on flame and smoke reading as well as how to interpret wax!

Let the candle burn down as much as possible in one sitting. Don't leave a candle going overnight if no one will be up to keep an eye on it.

Learn more in an in-depth setting with Bodhi's Mentorship classes for all levels of practitioners.

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