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Metal Nails in Witchcraft: History & Uses

Metal nails have been used in various forms of witchcraft for centuries. Nails have been used in a variety of spells and rituals to create a powerful impact on the intended target. In this article, we will explore the uses of metal nails in witchcraft.

One of the most common uses of metal nails is in binding spells. These spells are used to prevent someone from causing harm or to stop them from doing something negative. Binding spells are typically performed by hammering nails into a piece of wood or a candle. The number of nails used can vary depending on the desired outcome of the spell.

Another use of metal nails in witchcraft is in protection spells. Nails can be used to create a talisman that can be worn for protection. The nails can also be placed around the perimeter of a home or property to create a protective barrier.

Some witches use nails in spells related to love and relationships. Nails can be used in spells to attract a specific person or to keep a relationship strong. In these spells, the nails are often wrapped in red thread or ribbon to symbolize passion and love.

In some cultures, metal nails are believed to have the power to ward off evil spirits. Nails can be used in spells to banish negative energy and protect against curses. Some witches also use nails in spells related to divination and psychic abilities.

It is important to note that the use of metal nails in witchcraft should always be approached with respect and caution. Before performing any spell or ritual, it is important to research and understand the potential consequences and to seek the guidance of an experienced practitioner.

In conclusion, metal nails have been used in witchcraft for centuries and continue to be an important tool for many practitioners. From binding spells to love spells to protection spells, nails have a wide range of uses in the craft. If you are interested in incorporating nails into your practice, be sure to approach the practice with respect and caution.

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Bodhi Has done a lot of spells and I have watched her fill jars up with nails, which is fascinating

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