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The Whole 9 Yards Floor Wash

The Whole 9 Yards Floor Wash

PriceFrom $13.13

This unique floor wash is made with a mix of powdered herbs, salts, and brick dust. It is amazing for protecting, abundance-boosting, removing bad juju, healing, and more.


It also contains powdered crystals: shungite and clear quartz for an extra added UMPH!

Comes with a mini ml spoon for perfect measuring.

Designed by Bodhi, this floor wash can be used in multiple ways:

1. In mop water to mop floors

2. Sprinkle on the carpet

3. Add a tiny bit to glue or mortar before laying tile or carpet

4. Use on wood or tile floors with a Swiffer (add to the wetjet containers)

5. Sprinkle in your shower after cleaning

6. Add a tiny bit (less than a pea-sized amount) to your wash

7. And so much more!


All herbs and ingredients used in this floor wash come from carefully selected herbal wholesalers or are hand-gathered by Bodhi and her team.


Comes packaged in a beautiful 20ml or 30ml glass vial. (Approx 30-60 uses respectively.)


Do not use in food. Do not eat. While all herbs are safe for consumption, powdered crystals are not.

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