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The Brymstone Oracle

The Brymstone Oracle

SKU: IP-TBO-0001

**All first print editions will come with a special item.


The Brymstone Oracle is a 66-card deck designed by The Blue Bodhi during a traveling in 2020. 


This is not your normal, pretty, lovey oracle deck... oh no. 


The Brymstone Oracle deck was hand-drawn by Bodhi and contains cards such as each of the seven deadly sins. There is nothing sweet and innocent about this deck. Out of 66 cards, 8 are good.


It is, for all purposes, a deck of banishment, a deck of karma, and a deck of hexing.


The Brymstone Oracle is not a beginner deck. It has only been released once, in late 2020 in a very tiny batch of 9 decks. 


She chose the number 66 for the amount of cards because it represents the loss or a severe reduction in the faith of the divine plan of the universe. 66 also can cause negative tendencies in individuals and cause someone to become selfish.


The Brymstone Oracle deck does not include a book for interpreting the cards. Each card is meant to be read intuitively and is imprinted with everything you need to determine its meaning.


Every deck is printed individually, not in a large print shop with multiple machines. Every card is hand-cut, pressed, and cornered by hand. Once the deck is finished, it is placed on a bed of clove, peppercorn, and iron nails before it is sent out.


Each Brymstone deck comes with a black tourmaline to block psychic attacks, to amplify energy, and to form a shield around the deck so nothing leaks out. It also will come in a black velvet bag for safe keeping.


We take our hand-created oracle decks very seriously. Each deck is printed to order. Every deck takes over a week to print, press, corner, and charge before it is sent out. Please be patient.


The Brymstone Oracle is produced by Invisius Publishing LLC, and all rights are reserved. 

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