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Tea Of The Month Club

Tea Of The Month Club


Would you like to have a delicious hand-crafted tea from Bodhi delivered to your door every month? Thanks to all of the amazing subscribers on Tiktok who requested this - you can have just that!

Every month, you'll receive a spectacular tea that has been hand-crafted by Bodhi for flavor, spiritual benefits, health benefits, and more. All teas are blended in-house in our commercial kitchen from herbs that are delivered from two trusted wholesalers who do not use any type of pesticides on their herbs. (Bodhi is a tea snob, lol, and hand-picks all of her herbs from these wholesalers for their freshness and flavor.)


Each month, you'll get a large bag of our loose-leaf herbal tea blend and tumbled stone... or two.

This is a monthly subscription and will continue each month until you cancel it through our site.

Price Options
Tea of the Month
Tea of the Month Club
$25.00every month until canceled
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