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Super Blue Moon Grateful Abundance Wax Melts

Super Blue Moon Grateful Abundance Wax Melts


Bodhi did a specialty pour of a VERY limited number of super blue moon wax melts. These are for being grateful and accepting abundance, bringing luck and opening doors for you.

Each one of these wax melts holds 6 melts, loaded with powdered obsidian, rose quartz chips, unakite, ruby zoisite, pyrite, and a black tektite. Stones for opening up doors, becoming a spiritual powerhouse, opening your emotions and mind, as well as self-love, gratitude, and spiritual and personal protection.


They're topped with roses for love, gratitude, and protection as well as life-everlasting flowers to ensure that this spellwork lasts a very long time.


These are powerful wax melts poured during the super blue moon and will never be poured again.

As above, so below. As within, so without.

Love, Bodhi

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