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Shungite-Tumbled Stone

Shungite-Tumbled Stone

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Spiritual ID Card

Name: Shungite Tumbled Stones

Aliases: The Purifying Guardians, Black Diamond Essence

Date of Birth: Ancient

Place of Origin: Karelia, Russia

Appearance: Smooth, jet-black stones with a subtle luster, emanating an aura of mystery and protection.

Special Abilities:

  • EMF Shielding: Shungite is renowned for its ability to absorb and neutralize electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), offering protection against modern technological radiation.
  • Purification: These stones possess a powerful cleansing energy that clears negative energies from the aura, environment, and even water, promoting harmony and balance.
  • Grounding: Shungite tumbled stones connect one to the grounding energies of the Earth, anchoring the spirit and promoting stability in times of change.


  • Effective protection against EMFs and negative energies
  • Grounding and stabilizing influence
  • Enhances physical and spiritual vitality


  • Requires regular cleansing due to its strong absorptive properties
  • May induce detoxification effects in sensitive individuals
  • Prone to surface wear due to its softness

Recommended Usage:

  • Carry a Shungite tumbled stone in your pocket or purse for personal protection against EMFs and negative energies.
  • Place them around electronic devices or near Wi-Fi routers to mitigate EMF exposure.
  • Add to drinking water or place in a bath to infuse it with purifying energies.

Fun Fact: Shungite's unique composition, containing fullerenes, has led some to speculate on its extraterrestrial origins, adding to its mystical allure.


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