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Moon Magic Sugar Scrub

Moon Magic Sugar Scrub


Who doesn't want all the heroine power of a scream queen? Well, now you can enjoy it every time you shower. 


Bodhi's Scream Queen Sugar Scrub is a blend of sugar, coconut oil, rose, and a unique blend of feminine power oils. You will feel powerful af when you step out of the shower and ready to scream every villain down.


These amazing scrubs also are packed with powdered rose quartz, obsidian, and red jasper. 


Each batch of Scream Queen is created during the full moon to harness the maximum power for you to use daily.


Ingredients: Sugar, coconut oil, proprietary oil blend, powdered rose quartz, obsidian, and red jasper, with dried roses, chamomile, and calendula.


Safe to use daily on your skin. No extra additives or colors. 


4 oz.

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