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Red Jasper #636

Red Jasper #636

SKU: 636

Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome Jasper Identification Card

AKA Names: Desert Jasper, Royal Savannah Jasper.

Locations Found: Discovered in 2006, it's only found in the deserts of Madagascar.

Appearance: Polychrome Jasper is a type of opaque, multi-colored chalcedony that develops in massive formations. It is beautifully patterned in vibrant shades of red, brown, tan, gold, blue, grey, or green.


- Mind: Known as a stone of exuberance, vitality, and vibrancy, it's said to bring a deep connection with nature and the earth.

- Body: Polychrome Jasper is used for its grounding and calming effects. It is believed to help boost the immune system and detoxify the body.

- Spirit: Spiritually, Polychrome Jasper is said to provide protection and balance, give courage, and increase honesty and integrity.

Weaknesses: While Jasper is relatively hard, it can still be scratched, chipped, or damaged by harsh chemicals or heat.

Complementary Stones: Smoky Quartz for additional grounding; Carnelian for increasing vitality; Clear Quartz for amplifying its energies; and Amethyst for spiritual growth.

Fun Facts:

1. The word Jasper in Greek means "spotted stone." Polychrome Jasper truly lives up to that name with its myriad of colors.

2. Polychrome Jasper is also known for its unique, eye-like patterns, which are considered to bring protective energies to the wearer.

Spiritual Connections: Polychrome Jasper is highly appreciated for its deep connection to the Fire element and Mother Earth, providing strength and stability to those who resonate with it. It's a great stone for meditation, promoting a sense of tranquility and wholeness.

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