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Plume Agate #189

Plume Agate #189

SKU: 189

Spiritual ID Card: Plume Agate

Also Known As: Feather Agate, Moss Agate

Locations Found: Predominantly in the United States, Mexico, and Australia.

Appearance: Plume Agate is a unique and visually striking stone. It boasts clear or lightly colored agate with plume-like inclusions, often resembling feathers or plants, in various colors like red, black, brown, or yellow.

Strengths: Known as the 'Stone of Exploration and Journey', Plume Agate is celebrated for its ability to inspire and stimulate the imagination. It's a stone of dreams and aspiration, perfect for those who wish to explore their inner selves and the world around them.

Weaknesses: While Plume Agate is a stone of gentle energy, it can sometimes lead to overactive imagination or daydreaming. It's important to balance this stone with grounding activities or stones.

Mind Connection: Plume Agate enhances mental functions, improving concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. It soothes and calms, healing inner anger or tension and creates a sense of security and safety.

Body Connection: Physically, Plume Agate is believed to improve physical endurance and vitality. It's also said to enhance the absorption of nutrients and help with digestive disorders.

Spirit Connection: Spiritually, Plume Agate aids in spiritual growth and stability. It's a grounding stone that strengthens the connection with mother earth, providing a sense of peace and calm.

Complementary Stones: Clear Quartz to amplify its energy, Black Tourmaline for grounding, and Amethyst for spiritual growth.

Fun Facts: The plume-like inclusions in Plume Agate are often made of iron or manganese, giving each stone a unique, feathery appearance. Also, Agate gets its name from the place where it was first located in ancient times, the Achates River in Sicily.

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