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New Moon Ritual Soak

New Moon Ritual Soak


Getting ready for that new moon ritual and need that one last special thing to put you over the top?


Bodhi designed this wonderfully dark ritual soak that will put you in that powerful witchy frame of mind. You'll find hibiscus, jasmine, chamomile, strawberry leaf, and peaflower wrapped up in a black currant epsom salt base. It even comes with a beautiful little reuseable linen bag so you won't gunk up the drain with all of those herbs!


Sip on this magic blend while soaking in the New Moon Ritual Soak and enjoying the otherwordly smell of the New Moon Manifestation candle - or just grab the whole kit here!


Add the desired amount to the linen bag, tie, and let float in the water as you soak. Or tie it so that it hangs under the faucet as the bath is running.



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