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Life Everlasting Flowers

Life Everlasting Flowers


These beautiful aromatic flowers are found all over the world and smell like molasses. 


Spiritual Uses:
To contact the spirit realm

To connect with ancestors

To connect with spirit guides

To protect against witchcraft and bad juju

To protect your spiritual abilities

To boost health workings

Promotes longevity and long working in spell work


Medicinal Uses:

Tea from these flowers is used for lung problems from colds, flu, asthma, covid, etc as well as gastrointestinal issues

Tea is used to soothe throat conditions

Treats varicose veins in a tea

Can be used as a wash for skin infections and boils


1-2 gram bag (it's bulky and super light so it will look like much more, a little goes a long way)


**PLEASE NOTE: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. All items here are for personal use only and are not to be used in lieu of a physician's treatment. Please consult your doctor before taking any type of herbal remedies, especially if you are on prescription medications.

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