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Jinx Removing Bath Soak

Jinx Removing Bath Soak


Bodhi designed this wonerful little jinx removing bath soak and shower wash to help you remove any nasty shit someone has sent your way. It's easy and safe enough to use every time you're in the bath.


Simply put a tablespoon or two in the bathwater or in a bowl. In the bath, you can sit and soak and then wash yourself normally with the water. In a shower, you can put it in a bowl and use it to wash yourself after you've soaped up. Let it run down the drain and wash away the damn jinx shit someone sent to you.


Make sure you check out Bodhi's article on the Difference Between A Jinx, A Hex, and A Curse here.


Ingredients include: elderberry epsom salt, rose, peppermint, spearmint, and pepper.


Approx. 10-12 uses

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