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Hand-Crafted Deity Blends

Hand-Crafted Deity Blends

PriceFrom $15.00

Do you need a tea blend for honoring your deity and can't find one out there?


Want to do a ritual soak but have no soak?


Need an oil for your altar, ritual work, or daily dedications?

We got you! We will design a custom blend and hand-craft it just for you. The recipe will be here on file so you can order at any time.


Teas come in a large size bag, approximately 25 servings.

Soaks come in a large size bag, approximately 5 ritual baths.

Oils come in a 20ml roller ball with herbs packed inside them.


**PLEASE NOTE: these are all hand-crafted items and do take up to a week to create before they are ready for shipping.

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