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Full Size Tarot Card

Full Size Tarot Card

SKU: 000

Looking for a unique display piece for your altar, shelves, office or just fascinated with tarot cards in general? Bodhi has been playing way too much in resin and hand-poured all of these amazing, larger than full size tarot cards. Each of the major arcana are here and have different stones put into them, such as quartz, pyrite, obsidian, and more (depending on what she felt for each card). 


They each come with a clear display stand... oh, and they glow in the dark!


Your card will be hand chosen for you by Bodhi when you order and she will infuse it with OMNI Reiki for you personally before it goes on its merry way to you! (If this will be a gift for someone, let us know who it's for so she can infuse it for them.)

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