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Energi - An Oracle Deck

Energi - An Oracle Deck

SKU: IP-EOD-0001

In this 64-card deck designed by expert energy worker, The Blue Bodhi, you'll find a vast array of gorgeous energy and aura drawings that Bodhi has done from 2020 through 2023. She has taken these drawings and put them into a unique oracle card deck that will help you determine where you - or your client's - energy needs to focus.


Named with the Norweigan spelling of energy - Energi - Bodhi gives a nod to her Scandinavian ancestry. 


She chose the number 64 for the amount of cards because 64 stands for spiritual growth, strength, and resilience. The number also symbolizes positivity, abundance, good luck, and progress.


Energi does not include a book for interpreting the cards. Each card is meant to be read intuitively and is imprinted with everything you need to determine its meaning.


Every deck is printed individually, not in a large print shop with multiple machines. Every card is hand-cut, pressed, and cornered by hand. Once the deck is finished, it is placed in a third eye frequency singing bowl to charge before it is sent to it's new home. 


Each deck will come in it's own blue velvet bag with a clear quartz for cleansing and charging when not in use.


We take our hand-created oracle decks very seriously. Each deck is printed to order. Every Energi deck takes over a week to print, press, corner, and charge before it is sent out. Please be patient.


Energi is produced by Invisius Publishing LLC, and all rights are reserved. 

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