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Large Bead Honey Calcite #004

Large Bead Honey Calcite #004

SKU: 004

Honey Calcite

Honey Calcite Spiritual ID Card

Alias: Golden Calcite, Amber Calcite

Locations: Honey Calcite is found in various locations worldwide, including Mexico, the USA, and Bulgaria.

Appearance: Honey Calcite is known for its warm honey color, ranging from pale yellow to deep amber. Its crystal structure can be transparent to opaque, often with a beautiful, shiny luster.

Strengths: Known as the "Stone of Empowerment," Honey Calcite is celebrated for its ability to boost one's willpower and self-confidence. It's also recognized for its properties that stimulate intellectual capabilities and link the spiritual and physical realms.

Weaknesses: While Honey Calcite is a strong emotional stone, it should not replace professional medical or psychological advice. It's also a relatively soft mineral and can be easily scratched or broken if not handled with care.

Mind Connection: Honey Calcite is believed to help overcome challenges, reduce fear, and eliminate feelings of limitation. It's also associated with enhancing memory and stimulating intellectual capabilities.

Body Connection: Physically, Honey Calcite is often used to enhance healing, especially within the endocrine system and the digestive system. It's also believed to boost the body's absorption of calcium.

Spirit Connection: Spiritually, Honey Calcite is known to enhance meditation, stimulate the third eye, and facilitate a strong connection between the physical and spiritual realms.

Complementary Stones: Clear Quartz, for amplifying Honey Calcite's energies; Amethyst, for enhancing intuition and spiritual connection; and Citrine, for promoting positivity and clearing negativity.

Fun Facts: The 'calcite' in Honey Calcite's name comes from the Greek word 'chalix,' meaning 'lime.' This beautiful stone is also known to be a solar plexus chakra stone, often used to enhance one's personal power and sense of self-worth.

Remember, while Honey Calcite carries many potential benefits, it should never replace professional medical advice. Enjoy your journey with this empowering and enlightening stone!

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