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Blue Apatite-Raw

Blue Apatite-Raw

SKU: 000

Spiritual ID Card

Name: Raw Blue Apatite

Aliases: The Ocean's Whisper, Sapphire of the Soul

Date of Birth: Formed eons ago in the depths of the Earth's embrace

Place of Origin: Mined from various locations worldwide, including Brazil, Madagascar, and Mexico

Appearance: A mesmerizing array of azure blues, ranging from deep indigo to serene sky tones, Raw Blue Apatite captivates the eye with its natural beauty and crystalline formations.

Special Abilities:

  • Clarity of Expression: Raw Blue Apatite is a stone of communication, empowering individuals to speak their truth with confidence, clarity, and authenticity.
  • Intuitive Insight: This crystal stimulates the third eye chakra, enhancing intuition and psychic abilities, while promoting mental clarity and insight into one's life path and purpose.
  • Emotional Healing: Raw Blue Apatite facilitates emotional healing and balance, helping to release stagnant energy, past traumas, and negative patterns, while promoting inner peace and self-acceptance.


  • Enhances communication skills and self-expression
  • Stimulates intuition and spiritual growth
  • Supports emotional healing and balance


  • May fade in prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Benefits from regular cleansing to maintain optimal energy flow
  • Sensitive to harsh environments or negative energies

Recommended Usage:

  • Meditate with Raw Blue Apatite to enhance intuitive abilities and gain insight into spiritual truths.
  • Wear it as jewelry or carry a small piece with you to promote clear communication and self-expression throughout the day.
  • Place Raw Blue Apatite in your sacred space or bedroom to promote restful sleep and emotional healing.

Fun Fact: In ancient times, Blue Apatite was believed to possess mystical powers of prophecy and divination, making it a sought-after stone among mystics and seers.


Approx 2" chunks

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