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Amethyst-Brazilian #129

Amethyst-Brazilian #129

SKU: 129

Spiritual ID Card: Amethyst 


Also Known As: Purple Quartz, Bishop's Stone


Locations Found: Predominantly in Brazil, Uruguay, and South Africa, but also found in Canada, Russia, and the United States.


Appearance: The Amethyst Fossil is a sight to behold, featuring shades of violet and lavender in crystalized formations encased within fossilized structures. The contrast of ancient fossil and vibrant amethyst crystal creates a visually striking masterpiece of nature.


Strengths: Amethyst is renowned for its powerful spiritual properties. Known as the 'Stone of Spirituality and Contentment', it provides a calming energy that promotes peace, balance, and patience. It is also believed to enhance intuition and spiritual growth.


Weaknesses: Though not necessarily a weakness, the Amethyst Fossil's energy can be intense for those new to crystal healing, and it may stimulate vivid dreams or awaken latent psychic abilities.


Mind Connection: Amethyst Fossil brings clarity of mind, helping to alleviate anxiety and stress. It encourages positive thought patterns and assists in the assimilation of new ideas.


Body Connection: Linked with the Crown and Third Eye Chakra, Amethyst provides cleansing and healing to the body, boosting the immune system and improving hormonal balance.


Spirit Connection: This spiritual stone enhances meditation and spiritual awareness, fostering a deeper understanding of the self and the universe. It aids in connecting the physical plane with higher realms, making it an excellent choice for spiritual explorations.


Complementary Stones: Clear Quartz to amplify its energy, Rose Quartz for emotional healing, and Black Tourmaline for grounding and protection.


Fun Facts: The name 'Amethyst' comes from the Ancient Greek word 'amethustos', meaning 'not drunk', as it was believed to prevent drunkenness. Also, Amethyst was once ranked alongside diamonds for its rarity and value until large deposits were found in Brazil.

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