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Faden Quartz #300

Faden Quartz #300

SKU: 300

Faden Quartz

Faden Quartz Identification Card

AKA Names: String Quartz, Tabular Quartz.

Locations Found: Faden Quartz can be found in various locations around the world, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Switzerland, and the United States.

Appearance: Faden Quartz is a unique variety of quartz known for its distinctive white string-like lines or threads that run through the crystal. These threads are often caused by the growth of the crystal over time.


- Mind: Faden Quartz is believed to enhance mental clarity, focus, and communication. It's said to provide insight into complex situations and aid in problem-solving.

- Body: It's thought to have energizing properties that promote vitality, strength, and balance. Faden Quartz is also used for general healing purposes and to alleviate physical discomfort.

- Spirit: Spiritually, Faden Quartz is used for spiritual growth, connecting with higher realms, and enhancing meditation practices.

Weaknesses: Faden Quartz is a relatively hard and durable stone, but it should still be handled with care to prevent breakage or damage.

Complementary Stones: Clear Quartz for amplifying its energies; Amethyst for spiritual growth and protection; Rose Quartz for enhancing love energy; and Black Tourmaline for grounding and protection.

Fun Facts:

1. The term "Faden" is German for "thread," which perfectly describes the unique characteristic of this type of Quartz.

2. Faden Quartz is highly sought after by collectors and healers for its metaphysical properties and aesthetic appeal.

Spiritual Connections: Faden Quartz is associated with the crown chakra and third eye chakra, facilitating spiritual awakening, intuition, and alignment with higher consciousness.

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