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Blue Aragonite #148

Blue Aragonite #148

SKU: 148

Spiritual ID Card

Name: Blue Aragonite

Aliases: The Azure Whisper, Oceanic Sage

Date of Birth: Formed over millennia through the gradual accumulation of calcium carbonate in marine environments

Place of Origin: Found primarily in locations with ancient or current marine deposits, including Spain, Morocco, and the United States.

Appearance: Blue Aragonite showcases a delicate and captivating hue of blue, resembling the tranquil depths of the ocean. Its crystalline structure often forms in clusters or botryoidal masses, exuding a sense of fluidity and calm.

Special Abilities:

  • Emotional Healing: Blue Aragonite emits a gentle yet powerful energy that promotes emotional healing, soothing anxiety, stress, and depression, and fostering a sense of inner peace and tranquility.
  • Communication Aid: This crystal enhances communication and self-expression, opening the throat chakra and encouraging clear, honest, and heartfelt communication in all interactions.
  • Spiritual Connection: Blue Aragonite deepens spiritual awareness and intuition, connecting one with the wisdom of the ocean and the flow of universal energies, and facilitating spiritual growth and enlightenment.


  • Promotes emotional healing and tranquility
  • Enhances communication and self-expression
  • Deepens spiritual connection and intuition


  • May be brittle and prone to chipping or breakage if mishandled
  • Sensitive to harsh environments or abrasive substances
  • Benefits from regular cleansing and recharging to maintain optimal energy flow

Recommended Usage:

  • Place Blue Aragonite in your meditation space or sacred altar to evoke a sense of serenity and spiritual connection, and to enhance your meditation practice.
  • Carry a piece of Blue Aragonite with you or wear it as jewelry to promote emotional healing, enhance communication, and deepen spiritual awareness throughout the day.
  • Incorporate Blue Aragonite into energy healing sessions or rituals to facilitate emotional release, promote clarity of communication, and deepen spiritual connection.

Fun Fact: Aragonite is named after the Aragon region in Spain, where it was first discovered, and it is often associated with marine environments and the ocean's energies.

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