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What's The Difference In Jinxes, Hexes, & Curses

For any practitioner, the dreaded question about curses comes up more often than we ever truly want to hear. People ask about hexes and curses and don't even realize that the majority of the population uses jinxes in their everyday life. It's comical to me personally, especially when I explain to people what a jinx is. Do you know what a jinx is? Do you know the difference between a jinx, a hex, and a curse? Let's discuss.

What Is A Jinx?

A jinx is a small spell that is usually pretty harmless, it's more for irritation than anything. Casting a jinx is something minor, meant to just piss your target off. Jinxes are cast to make the caster feel better about the situation in the moment. Now, don't get me wrong, they are always mean spirited, but they are also pretty harmless.

The thing about a jinx is this: you won't know if it worked or not unless you are super close to that person. Chances are that you jinx people every day and didn't even realize it. Chances are also that you're jinxed every day and don't realize it. Think about that one for a moment.

**NOTE: you CAN jinx yourself. Saying things out loud is manifestation. You can absolutely screw up what you're doing in your life by announcing it to the universe or by saying negative things about your plans. These include things like "I never win."

Examples of Jinxes

Examples of jinxes include things like:

  • A working to send someone nightmares for a week.

  • A working or manifestation to have someone always step in water when they're only wearing socks.

  • Yelling at someone in traffic that they get a flat tire or poop themselves in public. (My personal favorite.)

Removing A Jinx

Jinxes are pretty easy to remove and if you get in the habit of doing this, you won't have any issues. A simple mix of items to use in your shower or bath is easy enough to cleanse your aura and to remove any jinx hurled your way throughout the day.

You also want to eat blueberries or drink them in water or in blueberry drinks. Blueberries have long been touted in folk magic practices to remove jinxes and bad juju sent your way and return it to the sender. (Plus, they are full of antioxidants and more to help you fight aging and cancer... just sayin'...)

Jinx Removing Bath/Shower Mix

Here is my personal recipe for cleansing this junk off of you:

  • 1 part sea salt (or non-iodized salt)

  • 1 part rose (fresh or dried herb preferably, a few drops of oil if you don't have the herb)

  • 1/4 part peppercorn (flakes are fine just used 1/8 part instead)

  • 1/2 part peppermint or spearmint (herbs are preferred but a few drops of oil will work too)

  • A couple of drops of your favorite oil that represents you

Mix these items together in a bowl and either place directly in the bathwater or use as a wash in the shower. You want to wash yourself about 2 inches ABOVE your skin and hair. You can absolutely use this directly on your skin if you'd like, just be careful if you're using oils that they are therapeutic grade and meant for skin.

Or, you can get Bodhi's Jinx Removing line here:

What Is A Hex?

A hex is much stronger than a jinx. These types of workings are designed to send negative energy to your target but these aren't designed to last their entire lifetime. Instead, they are meant for a specific length of time, say til someone learns their lesson. It usually stops working once the target has learned the lesson or the working time frame was completed. Hexes are wonderful to use when you need someone to change after they have done you wrong.

Examples Of A Hex

Examples of a hex include things like:

  • A hex to make someone regret leaving you.

  • A hex to make it difficult for someone to find love until they stop a behavior.

  • A hex to make someone's eyes swell shut during allergy season until they start to see something clearly.

  • A hex to destroy someone's hope of getting a job until they take care of something.

Removing A Hex

Now, here is where it get's a bit harder. Removing a hex isn't easy as this is a working that's larger and with specific intent. To be honest, if you are a beginner you need someone more advanced to help you. Even those who are more advanced will need someone with more knowledge to help them remove some hexes. It takes a pretty expert practitioner to remove hexes placed against them.

Hexes can also take multiple workings, cleansings, and more to remove. A good, solid hex by an expert practitioner can take years to remove sometimes. So, don't go thinking that a hex can just be removed by some bath, single candle, or cleansing. Sometimes they can, but the majority of the time they cannot.

You need to know the symptoms, the issues that are happening around you, and other problems so you'll need to watch your life super closely to determine what's been placed on you.

A good hex by an expert practitioner can be almost impossible to detect.

What Is A Curse?

A curse is the granddaddy of the baneful workings. Curses are meant to last a VERY long time, some go throughout someone's whole life and others can go for generations. It takes a very solid, strong practitioner to design and work a curse that lasts for generations, however, any witch can design a curse for anyone. Curses can be placed on a person, family, place, thing, etc, there's no end to what a curse can be used for or on.

However, a word of caution, curses should only be used in the more dire of situations. Hexes are great for every type of wrongdoing. Curses are only meant for the super bad nasty shit. Flinging curses without good reason can cause them to backfire.

Examples Of Curses

Some examples of curses include:

  • A curse to make an abuser get everything returned to them.

  • A curse to make someone stand alone throughout their entire life.

  • A curse to return all of the hurt someone has caused you.

  • A curse that prevents males from being born in a family line to end the name and the family line.

Removing A Curse

The short of it is that it is extremely hard to remove a curse on your own. If you know who placed the curse, what they did, and all of the things used in the curse, then you can possibly reverse engineer it and undo it. However, I always recommend finding an expert practitioner to help you remove the curse.

Removing a curse takes work and a lot of it, depending on the curse. Now, this does not mean that you need to pay thousands of dollars either. Find an expert practitioner and get a consultation with them. Listen to how they explain things, what they can and cannot do, and get a feel for the validity of their expertise and practice. Then hire someone that can help you.

Overall Removals Of Baneful Shit

Start by just doing a jinx removal and a cleansing of your space and see what that will do. That is the easiest thing to do and one that you can do by yourself. If you notice after a week that there are still issues, then reach out to an expert practitioner.

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