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Candle Color Meanings

Curious what different candle colors mean? Here's an easy to use guide:

White: Purification, Healing, Truth, Cleansing, Connect with Higher Self/Beings (can be substituted for any other color), Air Magick

Black: Protection, Banishing, Grounding, Scrying, Releasing, Repelling Negativity, Reversing, Hexing

Brown: Friendship, Concentration, Home Blessing and Protection, Earth Magick, Finding Lost Objects, Construction, Physical and Material Products, Stability, Grounding

Maroon: Force, Depth, Passion, Combining Spirituality and Wisdom, Encouragement, Inspiration, Stimulation, Agitation, Acceptance

Red: Passion, Strength, Lust, Survival, Removing Conflict, Courage, Assertiveness, Anger

Pink: Love, Emotional Healing, Caring, Nurturing, Friendship, Child Protection, Planetary Good Will, Harmony, Compassion

Orange: Energy, Business, Creativity, Success, Property Deals, Legal Matters, Attraction, Happiness

Yellow: Imagination, Memory, Actualizing Goals, Confidence, Manifestation Success, Clarity

Green: Money, Prosperity, Healing, Mother Earth, Green Magic, Growth, Monetary Success, Emotional Healing

Turquoise: Mental and Emotional Healing, Inner Peace, Calm, Mediation, Connecting the Realms, Ease of Shamanic Travel. Connecting ith the Universe

Blue: Wisdom, Protecting Your Peace, Calm, Forgiveness, Communication, Good Fortune, Spiritual Inspiration, Astral Projection, Domestic Harmony, Water Magick

Lavender: Peace, Healing, Intuition, Paranormal, Knowledge, Working Through Near Death Experiences, Visions, Imagination, Psychic Protection

Purple: Psychic Abilities, Opening Third Eye, Spiritual Power, Connection to the

Divine, Wisdom, Tranquility and Balance, Clarity, Hidden Knowledge, Judgement

Indigo: Spiritual Contact, Meditation, Psychic Abilities, Depression, Spiritual

Guidance, Changing Habits, Discovering Truths, Inertia

Copper: Professional Growth, Business Success, Career, Money Goals,

Amplification, Magnetizing

Silver: Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Intuition, Dreams, Meditation, Astral

Travel, Speed Up Events, Feminine/Goddess Energy, Victory in


Gold: Positivity, Divination, Luck, Abundance, Happiness, Male/God

Energy, Understanding, Enlightenment

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