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Candle Color Meanings

Curious what different candle colors mean? Here's an easy to use guide:

White: Purification, Healing, Truth, Cleansing, Connect with Higher Self/Beings (can be substituted for any other color), Air Magick

Black: Protection, Banishing, Grounding, Scrying, Releasing, Repelling Negativity, Reversing, Hexing

Brown: Friendship, Concentration, Home Blessing and Protection, Earth Magick, Finding Lost Objects, Construction, Physical and Material Products, Stability, Grounding

Maroon: Force, Depth, Passion, Combining Spirituality and Wisdom, Encouragement, Inspiration, Stimulation, Agitation, Acceptance

Red: Passion, Strength, Lust, Survival, Removing Conflict, Courage, Assertiveness, Anger

Pink: Love, Emotional Healing, Caring, Nurturing, Friendship, Child Protection, Planetary Good Will, Harmony, Compassion

Orange: Energy, Business, Creativity, Success, Property Deals, Legal Matters, Attraction, Happiness

Yellow: Imagination, Memory, Actualizing Goals, Confidence, Manifestation Success, Clarity

Green: Money, Prosperity, Healing, Mother Earth, Green Magic, Growth, Monetary Success, Emotional Healing

Turquoise: Mental and Emotional Healing, Inner Peace, Calm, Mediation, Connecting the Realms, Ease of Shamanic Travel. Connecting ith the Universe

Blue: Wisdom, Protecting Your Peace, Calm, Forgiveness, Communication, Good Fortune, Spiritual Inspiration, Astral Projection, Domestic Harmony, Water Magick

Lavender: Peace, Healing, Intuition, Paranormal, Knowledge, Working Through Near Death Experiences, Visions, Imagination, Psychic Protection

Purple: Psychic Abilities, Opening Third Eye, Spiritual Power, Connection to the

Divine, Wisdom, Tranquility and Balance, Clarity, Hidden Knowledge, Judgement

Indigo: Spiritual Contact, Meditation, Psychic Abilities, Depression, Spiritual

Guidance, Changing Habits, Discovering Truths, Inertia

Copper: Professional Growth, Business Success, Career, Money Goals,

Amplification, Magnetizing

Silver: Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Intuition, Dreams, Meditation, Astral

Travel, Speed Up Events, Feminine/Goddess Energy, Victory in


Gold: Positivity, Divination, Luck, Abundance, Happiness, Male/God

Energy, Understanding, Enlightenment

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Sol Mtz
Sol Mtz
Jan 30, 2023

What is your fav color bodhi


Brittany Holmes
Brittany Holmes
Nov 24, 2022

What would grey mean? My daughter picked out great tapered candles for me, can't seem to find what I could possibly use them for


Nov 16, 2022

Thank you so much 💓


Awesome! Thank you!♡


Ember Peregrine
Ember Peregrine
Nov 16, 2022

Thank you ! Very helpful list.

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